You can’t spell Beautiful without BE YOU


My Story

My name is Suzy Slabbert and the hands and heart behind LilyBelle Makeup Artistry.“Be your own kind of beautiful” was the quote that drove me to start LilyBelle. I wanted the opportunity to bring change into ladies lives by making them realize their beauty in a way they wouldn’t have themselves. Being able to see themselves through the eyes of their maker. 

Psalm 139:14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made” 

I was a student when I started becoming more interested in makeup and beauty. Staying in a ladies residency exposed me to becoming more aware of how I looked, how I presented myself and pretty much what what I thought of myself and what I believed in. And so I was on a journey to learn all I could to better myself outside and inside and to learn how I could use that to make a difference in other women’s lives.

I was on a journey to discover more about makeup and beauty and what it could offer. I  learned that it wasn’t just the application of makeup that was important to women but it was about making oneself feel better. It was about making a lady feel worth it, beautiful, important, noticed, loved or maybe just feel like she can take on the world.

As soon as I completed my makeup course through Halouw Makeup Academy in 2016, I decided to start LilyBelle makeup Artistry. LilyBelle was more than just about makeup. It was the path that I could use to make a difference. It is where I can add that personal touch, make a lady look and feel like she is the princess she has always wanted to be. Its where I can lend a helping hand on a day that is special to her.

I love how LilyBelle has and continues to give me the opportunity to make another woman feel her own kind of beautiful.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.

I hope to hear from you soon and be part of your life journey.

Yours in lashes and liner



You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.
Song of Songs 4:7

Here at LilyBelle, I strive to make you as a woman feel and look like your own kind of beautiful. From your fairytale wedding to expecting that little bundle of joy, any occasion that’s important to you,is my priority.


Special Events


Bridal Packages


Bridal Makeup Trial and wedding day  R1100
False Lashes  R110
Extra Bridesmaid   R435
Extra Mother   R385     
Flower Girl (under 12)  R190
Travel (See Ts and Cs)  R4.50/km


*Other Special event packages are available by request.

Makeup Workshop Packages


You can build and order your own mini makeup kit on the day
Add onto your own kit with your favourite products
Products used during the workshop can be ordered on the day

Suzy, I cant thank you enough for helping me look and feel my best on my wedding day. The process was such fun and yet so relaxing. I so appreciated the love and care you took, combined with your extremely professional style. I received so many compliments.


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